Snoel Abroad

Sara is abroad again and this time it is in Hungary! I am here in Hungary (in the small town of Gyöngyös) teaching English at a primary school through CETP- the Central European Teaching Program- Follow along with my crazy adventures in teaching and traveling. Szia!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


today is April 18th. I haven't posted in over a month- sorry!

my excuses:
1) I've actually been very busy and have had no time (unless I want to cut short my daily nap or watch CNN repeat the same news 1 less time)

2) I had visitors. Jenni came over from Ireland for a weekend and my parents came from Denver for 10 days over my spring break. (what this really means is that so much has happened that I don't know where to start, especially if you include a long weekend in Romania with Ian and Lisa that ended with us staying a night in Bekescsaba IN a rock concert!)

3) the school construction is getting worse and worse. Now I not only have my classes moved every few days (sometimes I am told, other times I have to walk around the school opening every door to find my missing students) this also means that we had to temporarily move the teachers room to a small classroom- half the size- it's very crowded. And now I only get to jump on the Internet if there is no class in computer lab (of course the times when the room is free AND I am free is a rarity.)

4) The sun is out! the weather is beautiful, the ice cream shops all over town are open again and the outdoor terraces on the cafes in town are back!

stories of the last few weeks are coming, I promise, soon...