Snoel Abroad

Sara is abroad again and this time it is in Hungary! I am here in Hungary (in the small town of Gyöngyös) teaching English at a primary school through CETP- the Central European Teaching Program- Follow along with my crazy adventures in teaching and traveling. Szia!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


so here I am in London! after two long flights and very little sleep. I got in this morning around noon and have been wondering the city in a zombie like daze ever since in an attempt to stay up all day and go to bed at night so that I can get set on this time zone I am very tired! but I made it to the Tate Museum of Modern Art which was very cool- although the surrealist rooms seemed even more surreal in my current state. I get the whole day tomorrow and then off to Budapest!

Friday, August 18, 2006

getting ready to go.....

hello everyone! So as most of you know I'm leaving for Hungary on Monday where I'll be teaching English at an elementary school in the small town of Gyongyos. On my past trips I've sent out monstrous group e-mails that clogged in boxes and stressed people out so I've decided that this time I'll go the Brit Chase route and post a blog- and here it is (for those still wanting to e-mail my address is Right now I don't have much to tell- I'm still in Denver and am further procrastinating the inevitable packing but soon I'll have fun things to say about my quick trip to London, week long orientation in Budapest and eventual move in to Gyongyos. Till then........